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All Categories > Aluminum and Stainless Bars, Tubes, Pipes and Plates > Stainless Steel > Cold Finished Stainless Steel > 416 - Cold Finished Stainless Steel > Types 416 Annealed and Cold Drawn Stainless Steel - Rounds > Size 5/16  
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Size 5/16, Types 416 Annealed and Cold Drawn Stainless Steel - Rounds

Type 416 is a chromium grade of stainless steel modified by the addition of phosphorus and sulphur to produce a free-machining steel. It is the most readily machinable of all stainless steels A wide range of mechanical properties may be obtained by conventional heat treating methods. It is magnetic in all conditions. Manufactured by the electric-furnace process, it is a quality steel, free from all injurious defects, and meets the requirements of the aircraft industry.

UNS S41600

Color Marking:
Annealed Bars and Pump Shafting ... Ends painted Green
Heat Treated Bars ...Green with Blue Stripe

Stock Lengths 10' to 12' and 20' to 22'

Specifications  · Analysis  · Specifications  · Applications  · Corrosion Resistance  · Resistance to Scaling  · Mechanical Properties  · Hardenability  · Machinability  · Weldability  · Forging  · Annealing  · Hardening


Estimated Weight per Foot

.2610 lb

Estimated Weight 12-Ft. Bar

3.132 lb

Carbon .15 Max.
Manganese 1.25 Max.
Phosphorus .060 Max.
Sulphur ..15/.40
Si. 1.00 Max.
Ni. .75 Max.0
Mo. .60 Max.
Cu. .50 Max.

The following specifications are generally applicable:
AMS 5610, ASTM A 314, ASTM A 582

Type 416 is used for applications demanding the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of Type 410 combined with free machining properties. It can be turned, threaded, formed or drilled at speeds approaching those of screw stock.

Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion resistance is similar to Type 410, and is resistant to atmosphere, fresh water, food acids, and neutral and basic salts. Maximum corrosion resistance of this grade is obtained by hardening and polishing.

Resistance to Scaling
Resists scaling at temperatures up to approx imately 1200° - 1300°F in continuous service.

Mechanical Properties
Applicable specifications require the following properties of material in the annealed condition:
Hot Rolled Annealed
Brinell Hardness 241 Max.

Annealed & Cold Finished
up to 1/2" incl.
Tensile Strength - 85.000/120.000
Brinell Hardness 241 Max.
over 1/2" incl.
Brinell Hardness 241 Max.

A 3/8" section quenched in oil from 1825°F will harden io a minimum of Rockwell "C" 35.

Type 416 has very good machining characteristics. It has a machinability rating of approximately 110%, with 1212 rated 100%. Surface cutting speed on automatic screw machines is approximately 180 feet per minute.

This grade has poor welding properties. Welds are brittle, with tendency to crack.

Forge between 2100° and 2300°F. Do not forge below 1700°F. Cool slowly.

Full annealing range is between 1550° and 165Q°F Cool slowly in furnace. Low annealing range is between 1200° and 1400°F. Cool in air.

Hardening range is between 1750° and 1850°F. Quench large sections in oil. Small sections may be quenched in air. Temper to required hardness.

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