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All Categories > Carbon Bars, Plates, Tubing and Structural > Cold Finished Carbon Steels > 1045 TG&P-Cold Finished Carbon Steels > 1045 TG&P-Cold Finished Carbon Steels-Precision Shafting > Size 3/4  
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Size 3/4, 1045 TG&P-Cold Finished Carbon Steels-Precision Shafting

Precision Shafting represents the highest degree of over-all accuracy, concentricity, straightness, and surface perfection attainable in commercial practice. After being ground on centerless grinders, bars are polished to a high finish and carefully straightened.
Stock Lengths 20' - 1/4" and 21' - 24'

Specifications  · Analysis  · Applications  · Tolerances  · Mechanical Properties  · Machinability  · Weldability


Estimated Weight per Foot

1.504 lb

Estimated Weight 20'- 1/4" Bar

30.11 lb

Carbon .43/.50
Manganese .60/.90
Phosphorus .04 Max.
Sulphur .05 Max.

This product is often referred to as pump shafting or pump rod, due to its high degree of straightness, which is so important in high-speed shafting applications. This special straightness serves to prevent vibration and wear on packings and bearings, which must be avoided in deep well pump work. Precision Shafting is also used for motor shafts and similar applications where high-speed work necessitates straightness and accuracy along with the ability to be machined unsymmetrically with practically no danger of warpage.

1 1/2" & Under: Plus .000", Minus .001"
Over 1 1/2" to Under 2 1/2": Plus .000", Minus .0015"
2 1/2" to 3" inclusive: Plus .000" Minus .002"
Over 3" to 4": Plus .000", Minus .003"
Over 4" to 6": Plus .000", Minus .006''

Mechanical Properties
The following are average and may be considered as representative:
1", cold drawn ground & polished
Tensile Strength - 100,000 psi
Yield Strength - 85,000 psi
Elongation in 2" - 19%
Reduction of Area - 32%
Brinell Hardness - 223

7", turned ground & polished
Tensile Strength - 95,000 psi
Yield Strength - 60,000 psi
Elongation in 2" - 24%
Reduction of Area - 48%
Brinell Hardness - 197

Machinability rating is approximately 64% based on 1212 as 100%. Average surface cutting speed is 95 to 105 feet per minute.

Due to higher carbon content, this material is not readily welded. With thin sections and flexible design, gas or arc welding may be used without preheating, but in joints over 1/2" to 3/4" thick preheating is necessary. To develop equivalent strength in a weld, a low alloy tiller is recommended. Stress relieving after welding is also recommended. The grade of welding rod to be used depends on thickness of section, design, service requirements, etc.


Tolerances - Carbon and Alloy Bars
(PDF, 358KB)

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