• FATIGUE-PROOF is a medium-carbon free-machining steel with higher mechanical properties than its companion product, STRESSPROOF. These properties are produced by a process of drawing steel at elevated temperatures, developed and patented by LaSalle Steel Co. The result is a steel with high tensile strength, uniformity of properties, and excellent machinability.
    This product possesses high strength as it is received from the mill, and no subsequent heat treatment is required. The strength is remarkably uniform from the surface to the center of the bar and from end to end. Properties are not adversely affected by exposure to temperatures up to 600°F. Where higher hardness is required, material may be selectively hardened by induction heating. Water quenching will produce Rockwell "C" 60, and oil quenching will yield Rockwell "C" 50-55.
    FATIGUE-PROOF has excellent machinability for a material of its strength. In standard practice, it will machine up to 25% faster than annealed alloy steels and up to 75% faster than heat-treated alloy steels. Excellent dimensional stability is maintained. Tool use as well as surface finish is better.

    Stock Lengths: 12' Approx.

    ASTM A311 Class B

    Color Marking: Ends painted Red and White

  • Types 316 and 317 are "18-8" chromium-nickel stainless steels modified by the addition of molybdenum, which greatly increases the corrosion resistance as well as the mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. These grades are non magnetic in the annealed condition and not hardenable by heat treatment. Since they have good cold forming and drawing properties, these grades are outstanding stainless steels suitable for a large number of applications. Manufactured by the electric-furnace process, these grades meet the exacting standards of the aircraft industry. Bars and Plates are available not only in the regular Type 316 analysis, but also in an extra low carbon analysis known as Type 316L. The advantage of the reduced carbon content is that it precludes any harmful precipitation in the 800°-1500°F range, such as might otherwise occur in welding heavier sections. Types 317 and 317L are available in plate and with increased chromium, nickel, and molybdenum contents can be used in even more severe corrosive and high temperature applications.
    TYPES 316 and 316L
    Sheets, Plates, Bars, and Angles

    UNS S31600, S31603
    TYPES 317 and 317L
    UNS S31700. S31703

    Color Markings:
    Type 316 Bars—Ends Pink with Black Stripe
    Type 316 Plate—Corner Striped Pink with Black Stripe
    Type 316L Bars—Ends Pink with Blue Stripe
    Type 316L Plate—Corner Striped Pink with Blue Stripe
    Type 317 Plates—Corner Striped Blue with Pink Stripe
    Type 317L Plates—Corner Striped Aluminum

    Stock Lengths 10' to 12'