Hot Rolled Mild Steel Bars are used for general purpose applications. This steel is a low carbon grade, having good over-all mechanical properties. It is easy to fabricate by the usual structural methods, such as mild cold and hot forming and welding.

Stock Lengths: 20'


Color Marking: Blue
Unit of Measure


Estimated Weight per Foot

N/A .6514 lb

Estimated Weight 20-Ft. Bar

N/A 13.03 lb


N/A 3/4" and Under
Carbon .26 Max.
Phosphorus .04 Max.
Sulphur .05 Max.

Over 3/4" to 1 1/2" Incl.
Carbon .27 Max.
Manganese .60/.90
Phosphorus .04 Max.
Sulphur .05 Max.

Over 1 1/2" Incl.
Carbon .28 Max.
Manganese .60/.90
Phosphorus .04 Max.
Sulphur .05 Max.


N/A This material is used for general purpose structural arid miscellaneous non-critical applications that involve mild cold bending, mild hot forming, punching, and welding. Such applications include parts for general machinery agricultural implements, transportation equipment, etc. It is used where seams and other surface imperfections may be tolerated.

Mechanical Properties

N/A The following values are average for 1" round and may be considered as representative of this grade:
Tensile Strength - 58/80.000 psi
Yield Strength - 36.000 Min. psi
Elongation in 2" - 23% Min.


N/A This material is easily welded by all welding processes, and the resultant welds and joints are of extremely high quality. The grade of welding rod used depends on welding conditions, such as thickness of section, design, service requirements, etc.