A low-carbon steel, having higher manganese content than certain other low-carbon steels, such as 1020. Being richer in manganese, 1018 is a better steel ior carburized parts, since it produces a harder and more uniform case. It also has higher mechanical properties and better machining characteristics. The hot rolled bars used in the manufacture oi this product are oi special quality.

Most cold finished bars are produced by cold drawing. In this process, oversize hot rolled bars, which have been cleaned to remove scale, are drawn through dies to the required size. The larger sizes are generally turned and polished, the hot rolled bars having been machine turned, rather than drawn, followed by abrasive polishing. Turned and polished bars tend to have a somewhat brighter finish than cold drawn bars.

A greater degree of dimensional accuracy and straightness in round bars is obtained by grinding and polishing. The product resulting from this process is known as PRECISION SHAFTING.

Stock Lengths: 10' to 12'
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Estimated Weight per Foot

Estimated Weight 12-Ft. Bar

N/A .0798 lb N/A .9576 lb
N/A .1064 lb N/A 1.276 lb
N/A .1329 lb N/A 1.595 lb
N/A .1595 lb N/A 1.914 lb
N/A .1861 lb N/A 2.233 lb
N/A .2127 lb N/A 2.552 lb
N/A .2393 lb N/A 2.872 lb
N/A .2659 lb N/A 3.191 lb
N/A .2925 lb N/A 3.510 lb
N/A .3191 lb N/A 3.829 lb
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