These products represent the latest developments in the field of free machining carbon steels and are the fastest machining steels available.

Leaded Grade A (12L14) is essentially resulphurized and rephosphorized screw machine stock to which lead has been added.

Leaded Grade AX is similar to Grade A, except that an additional machining agent, tellurium, has been added.

Also available are Leaded Grades AY and AZ, which contain Selenium and Bismuth, respectively, as machining agents.

These grades are produced under a number of trade names, among which are the following:

    Leaded Grade A (AISI 12L14): Ledloy A, La-Led, Multicut Leaded
    Leaded Grade AX: Ledloy AX, La-Led X
    Leaded Grade AY: Multicut Leaded Selenium Treated
    Leaded Grade AZ: Mach 5

For more complete data on these steels, ask for special literature.
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