The analysis of Type 304 is similar to that of Type 302, except that Type 304 is modified by lowered carbon content This provides good resistance to corrosion in welded construction where subsequent heat treatment is not practicable. Bars and Plates are available not only in the regular Type 302 and 304 analyses, but also in an extra low carbon analysis, known as Type 304L. The advantage of this analysis is that it precludes any harmful precipitation in the 800°-1500°F range, such as might otherwise occur in welding heavier sections.

UNS S30200. S30400, S30403

Physical Condition A

Stock Lengths 10" to 12"
Unit of Measure

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Item #

Estimated Weight per Foot

Estimated Weight 12-Ft. Bar

N/A .1060 lb N/A 1.280 lb
N/A .1600 lb N/A 1.910 lb
N/A .2127 lb N/A 2.552 lb
N/A .2659 lb N/A 3.191 lb
N/A .3191 lb N/A 3.829 lb
N/A .3722 lb N/A 4.466 lb
N/A .4254 lb N/A 5.105 lb
N/A .5318 lb N/A 6.381 lb
N/A .6381 lb N/A 7.657 lb
N/A .7445 lb N/A 8.933 lb
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