This chromium-molybdenum alloy is one of the most widely used aircraft steels because of its combination of weldability, ease of fabrication, and mild hardenability. In relatively thin sections it will respond to heat treatment to high strength levels and yet in the normalized condition it has adequate strength for many applications. When resistance to wear and abrasion is required, it may be nitrided.
This grade is a quality product melted under the best steelmaking practices for aircraft quality steels. It is vacuum degassed to meet the magnetic particle inspection standards of AMS 2301.

UNS G41300, MIL-S-6758 - AMS 6370 - AMS 2301

Physical Conditions D
Surface Condition 1

Stock Lengths 12' and 20'
Unit of Measure

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Item #

Estimated Weight per Foot

Estimated Weight 20-Ft. Bar

N/A 10.42 lb N/A 208.4 lb
N/A 13.61 lb N/A 272.3 lb
N/A 17.23 lb N/A 344.6 lb
N/A 21.27 lb N/A 425.4 lb
N/A 30.63 lb N/A 612.6 lb
N/A 41.69 lb N/A 833.8 lb
N/A 54.45 lb N/A 1089 lb
N/A 85.08 lb N/A 1702 lb