Type 416 is a chromium grade of stainless steel modified by the addition of phosphorus and sulphur to produce a free-machining steel. It is the most readily machinable of all stainless steels A wide range of mechanical properties may be obtained by conventional heat treating methods. It is magnetic in all conditions. Manufactured by the electric-furnace process, it is a quality steel, free from all injurious defects, and meets the requirements of the aircraft industry.

UNS S41600

Color Marking:
Annealed Bars and Pump Shafting ... Ends painted Green
Heat Treated Bars ...Green with Blue Stripe

Stock Lengths 10' to 12' and 20' to 22'

Max. Brinell 241
Unit of Measure

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Item #

Estimated Weight per Foot

Estimated Weight 12-Ft. Bar

N/A 1.504 lb N/A 18.04 lb
N/A 1.631 lb N/A 19.58 lb
N/A 1.765 lb N/A 21.17 lb
N/A 1.903 lb N/A 22.83 lb
N/A 2.046 lb N/A 24.56 lb
N/A 2.195 lb N/A 26.34 lb
N/A 2.349 lb N/A 28.19 lb
N/A 2.508 lb N/A 30.10 lb
N/A 2.673 lb N/A 32.07 lb
N/A 3.017 lb N/A 36.21 lb
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