This grade is a chromium nickel molybdenum alloy modified by the addition of vanadium. It is a high strength alloy with good ductility and impact strength. The lowering of the carbon content from the more common .40 per cent level improves its toughness and ductility, and it also limits the strength level to which the alloy- can be used.

It is available as a consumable electrode vacuum remelted product. This method of melting improves the transverse ductility of the grade at its high usable strength. It also improves the non-metallic cleanliness, making it the most appropriate for the fabrication of parts subjected to magnetic particle inspection.

MIL-S-8699 - AMS 6411 - AMS 6427 - AMS 2300

Color Marking: Ends painted Gold with Pink Stripe

Physical Conditions E
Surface Condition 1

Stock Lengths: 12' Approx.
Unit of Measure

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Item #

Estimated Weight per Foot

Estimated Weight 12-Ft. Bar

N/A 10.69 lb N/A 128.3 lb
N/A 13.53 lb N/A 162.4 lb
N/A 15.08 lb N/A 180.9 lb
N/A 16.71 lb N/A 200.5 lb
N/A 18.42 lb N/A 221.0 lb
N/A 20.21 lb N/A 242.6 lb
N/A 22.09 lb N/A 265.1 lb
N/A 24.06 lb N/A 288.7 lb
N/A 28.23 lb N/A 338.8 lb
N/A 32.74 lb N/A 392.9 lb
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