This nickel molybdenum alloy is a carburizing steel capable of developing high case hardness and core toughness. It responds well to carburizing and hardening to produce a case of uniform hardness with relative freedom from distortion.

It is produced by the best steelmaking practice for aircraft quality steels, and is then vacuum degassed to meet the magnetic particle inspection standards of AMS 2301.

UNS G46200, AMS 6294 - AMS 2301

Color Marking: Ends painted Purple

Physical Conditions B
Surface Condition 1

Stock Lengths: 12' Approx.
Unit of Measure

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Item #

Estimated Weight per Foot

Estimated Weight 12-Ft. Bar

N/A 3.383 lb N/A 40.59 lb
N/A 4.176 lb N/A 50.12 lb
N/A 5.053 lb N/A 60.64 lb
N/A 6.014 lb N/A 72.17 lb
N/A 7.058 lb N/A 84.70 lb
N/A 8.186 lb N/A 98.23 lb
N/A 9.397 lb N/A 112.8 lb
N/A 10.69 lb N/A 128.3 lb
N/A 12.07 lb N/A 144.8 lb
N/A 13.53 lb N/A 162.4 lb
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