This is the most versatile of the heat treatable aluminum alloys. It has most of the good qualities of aluminum, and it offers a wide range of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. It can be fabricated by many of the commonly used techniques.

In the annealed condition it has good formability. In the T4 condition fairly severe forming operations may be accomplished. The T6 properties may be obtained by artificial aging.

It is welded by all methods and can be furnace brazed. It is available in the clad form ("Alclad") with a thin surface layer of high purity aluminum to improve both appearance and corrosion resistance.

Specifications: QQ-A-225/8, QQ-A-200/8

Color Marking (Rod and Bar): Ends painted Blue
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Estimated Weight per Foot

Estimated Weight 12-Ft. Bar

N/A .014 lb N/A .174 lb
N/A .033 lb N/A .391 lb
N/A .058 lb N/A .694 lb
N/A .090 lb N/A 1.08 lb
N/A 131 lb N/A 1.56 lb
N/A .177 lb N/A 2.12 lb
N/A .231 lb N/A 2.77 lb
N/A .293 lb N/A 3.51 lb
N/A .361 lb N/A 4.34 lb
N/A .437 lb N/A 5.25 lb
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