These plates are rolled from highest quality steel, manufactured by the electric furnace process, to meet the rigid standards of the aircraft industry. They are uniform in quality and condition and are free from internal and external defects that would be detrimental to the fabrication or performance of parts.

The plates are produced by rolling on large "sheared plate" mills. As the slab is reduced in thickness, it is cross-worked to produce a quality plate that is sound and dense with excellent properties in both longitudinal and transverse directions.

UNS G43406, AMS 6359

Color Marking: Corner striped Aluminum
Unit of Measure

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Item #

Estimated Weight per Sq. In.

Estimated Weight per Sq. Ft.

N/A .0709 lb N/A 10.21 lb
N/A .1064 lb N/A 15.31 lb
N/A .1418 lb N/A 20.42 lb
N/A .1773 lb N/A 25.52 lb
N/A .2127 lb N/A 30.63 lb
N/A .2481 lb N/A 35.73 lb
N/A .2836 lb N/A 40.84 lb
N/A .3545 lb N/A 51.05 lb
N/A .4254 lb N/A 61.26 lb
N/A .4963 lb N/A 71.47 lb
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