All bars are forged and rough turned oversize to finish to nominal sizes. Usually 1/8"-1/4" oversized on the outside diameter. Sizes will finish to nominal sizes but subject to a 1/8" in 5ft straightness tolerance. Longer pcs may require special straightening or we may suggest moving up in size to assure cleanup.
Unit of Measure

Item #

Estimated Weight per Foot

Estimated Weight 12-Ft. Bar

N/A 401 lb N/A 4812 lb
N/A 434 lb N/A 5208 lb
N/A 469 lb N/A 5628 lb
N/A 505 lb N/A 6060 lb
N/A 523 lb N/A 6276 lb
N/A 561 lb N/A 6732 lb
N/A 621 lb N/A 7452 lb
N/A 642 lb N/A 7704 lb
N/A 705 lb N/A 8460 lb
N/A 795 lb N/A 9540 lb
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