Hot Rolled M1044 is a medium-carbon steel used in general purpose applications when special quality is not required. It has good overall properties somewhat higher than low-carbon Mild Steel Flats. This grade may be fabricated using the usual structural methods. It is machinable and is capable of being induction hardened.

Merchant Quality

Stock Lengths: 20'
Unit of Measure

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Estimated Weight per Foot

Estimated Weight 20-Ft. Bar

N/A .8508 lb N/A 17.02 lb
N/A 1.064 lb N/A 21.27 lb
N/A 1.276 lb N/A 25.52 lb
N/A 1.702 lb N/A 34.03 lb
N/A 2.127 lb N/A 42.54 lb
N/A 2.552 lb N/A 51.05 lb
N/A 2.978 lb N/A 59.56 lb
N/A 3.403 lb N/A 68.06 lb
N/A 4.254 lb N/A 85.08 lb
N/A 5.105 lb N/A 102.1 lb
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