Nitriding #3 (135 Modified) is a chromium-molybdenum aluminum alloy steel that can be heat treated to develop high core strength and then nitrided to produce extremely high case hardness. This combination of properties is useful when requirements call for high surface hardness for wear and abrasion, for strength and hardness at temperatures up to approximately 1000°F, and for increased fatigue strength and resistance to corrosion.

MIL-S-6709 - AMS 6472 - AMS 2301

Color Marking: Ends painted Blue and Orange

Physical Conditions F
Surface Condition 1

Stock Lengths 12' Approx.
Unit of Measure

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Item #

Estimated Weight per Foot

Estimated Weight 20-Ft. Bar

N/A 7.058 lb N/A 141.2 lb
N/A 8.186 lb N/A 163.7 lb
N/A 9.397 lb N/A 187.9 lb
N/A 10.69 lb N/A 213.8 lb
N/A 12.07 lb N/A 241.4 lb
N/A 13.53 lb N/A 270.6 lb
N/A 15.08 lb N/A 301.5 lb
N/A 16.71 lb N/A 334.1 lb
N/A 20.21 lb N/A 404.3 lb
N/A 24.06 lb N/A 481.1 lb
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