These are carbon-manganese free machining grades which have been severely cold worked to produce high tensile properties. The bars are specially treated to relieve the stresses set up by the cold working, thus minimizing the tendency toward warpage after machining which is common in ordinary cold.drawn bars.
These steels have built-in high strength hardness, and wearability, without the necessity of heat treatment. Thus they are often used for parts requiring mechanical properties ordinarily obtained by heat treating an alloy grade to the Rockwell C hardness range of 23-30 after machining.
Both grades are available as Cold Drawn Bars or Ground and Polished Bars. The latter possess the close tolerances and fine finish normally found in ground and polished bars, plus the combination of free machinability, minimum warpage, high strength and wearability not found in ordinary steels.

Stock Lengths: 20' Approx.

ASTM A311 Class B

Color Marking: Ends painted Gray
Unit of Measure

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Estimated Weight per Foot

Estimated Weight 20-Ft. Bar

N/A .2610 lb N/A 5.220 lb
N/A .3759 lb N/A 7.517 lb
N/A .5116 lb N/A 10.23 lb
N/A .6682 lb N/A 13.36 lb
N/A .8457 lb N/A 16.91 lb
N/A 1.044 lb N/A 20.88 lb
N/A 1.263 lb N/A 25.27 lb
N/A 1.504 lb N/A 30.07 lb
N/A 1.765 lb N/A 35.29 lb
N/A 2.046 lb N/A 40.93 lb
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